That Was Monday, But This is Tuesday

Some days you wake up to great news for someone else that reminds you of the annoying details of your own life. You wake up and that’s the first thing you see. And you are like “Wow that is awesome” on the inside but “ugh” on the inside and that just is the way it is.

Sometimes there are no rainbows or magical bubbles floating around in a field. Sometimes there is just what the fuck and your kid throwing his pacifier on the ground and then hating you for not picking it up for him. There is the part where he is mad at you and it is the first part of the morning, the part where you walk into his room to save him from his crib and he throws himself backwards to prevent you from picking him up even though you are singing, “Good morning, good morning…” and he whacks his head on his crib and cries even harder because now not only are you not picking up his pacifier you are also hurting him, probably on purpose. Except of course you aren’t, and why oh why can’t he just be happy to see you and stop with all of the dramatics?

Then a shitty email happens and the shitty email reminds you of work you’ve done for free, and what the godamnfuck? But! You choose to not engage, because it isn’t worth it. Instead you stew in it for like 3 hours because you just can’t shake the totally taken-advantage-of-feeling you totally brought on yourself and what were you even thinking with agreeing to that? Ugh.

And then you notice something dumb. Something on Facebook that makes you feel invisible. Invisibility happens so much more frequently than you ever thought possible. How do you do that thing where you just don’t exist to some people? It’s not a very fun magic trick and you wish you’d stop accidentally performing it.

And of course unexpected things pop up, as they often do in life, but this time you are totally unraveled because it just isn’t a good day. It isn’t even noon and the day has already been labeled No Good Very Bad. Sometimes you just have to call it: This day is not going to be a good one. You have to call it and embrace it and try to move forward.

By 4:30 nothing has gotten done that you wanted to get done because instead of having a normal day, it has been a No Good Very Bad one and all of your energy has been trained on not giving into the terribleness of it, even though you had previously agreed to just embrace it and move forward.

Harder to do than you’d think.

And that was Monday. And it was dumb and I don’t want to do it again. Today is Tuesday and somehow that means something better, it needs to mean something better.



Birthday + National Stress Awareness Month (Inspired by

Kamel and I probably should take more time to do little date-afternoons or spend more time on the weekends relaxing instead of frantically cleaning or finishing projects. But life, as always, seems to push its way through into my zen space. asked me recently to talk about the Vegas state of mind, about how I let loose on the daily – when vacations are few and far between, and when the daily grind of work and baby and family are always threatening to take over. My birthday weekend was a perfect example (Good timing!). My birthday, this year, was on a Sunday so the weekend was mine! All Mine! On Saturday we headed up...

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Marriage the Continued Saga

A while after I got engaged I was driving across a bridge, I remember exactly where I was (and I have almost written this exact sentence some time ago, I know it), and I remember that it suddenly hit me: I am not at all any happier being engaged than I was not being engaged. We are almost 3 years married. It’s like a blip on the marriage-time continuum. But even so, it absolutely boggles me that I spent so much time and mental energy chasing this existence. I don’t even mean I was out to get an MRS degree, I don’t mean I was searching searching searching for a husband all of the time. I had long periods of being single and...


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Calling Millennials

Yesterday I was reading a NYT Op-Ed that I found via Margaret’s tmblr (where I get the bulk of my interesting factoids, let’s be honest) and I posted about it on facebook. The article is about the different benefits that Gen X-ers have received vs the unfortunate timing of the recession for the emerging millennials. It talks about things I’ve heard before, the struggling job market for those graduating college between 2007-2009 (I graduated from college in December 2006 and then again in the fall of 2009 so yup, that’s me), how the jobs have not rebounded for millennials like they have for Gen X because we now lack...


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The Year I Was 28

This is a yearly tradition started when I was 21. Some of those posts have been lost, but if you would like to catch up, please check out 27, 26, 25, and 24 (with photos missing, unfortunately).    And here we are again. Another year older, another year of wackyness and can-you-believe-it. Another post about all the stuff I (we) managed to cram in. And I’ll say it again and again and again: It’s amazing how much can happen in a year. It’s amazing what can happen from one moment to the next, you just never know. So let’s check out the recap. A year ago today we were on our way to wine country with our 5 WEEK old....


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So a few weeks ago I was sitting in the pedicure chair (as one does, on very lucky “oh please never stop rubbing my feet” days) reading the latest Lena Dunham interview. She is generally very clever and I enjoy how she views her fame and how he chooses to live her life and her art. Although she isn’t one of those famous people who I imagine I could be friends with – I really do like 99.9% of what she says. And this 1 little paragraph jumped out at me as something I have always thought 100x over and never could fully express myself. When speaking about how she cast “Girls” Lena says, I wanted us to be...


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Things: April

The sky in Seattle right now is incredible. I can’t stop taking photos of it. My instagram is like, babies + my pedicures + the roofs of the houses outside my window and the sky above them. It’s a sickness. So if you follow me, I’m sorry. I can’t stop. MORE SKY, MORE CLOUDS. Hashtag: Obnoxious. Hashtag: SoPretty. I’m also obsessing over tea. I spend too much money on it and I drink it all day. There was about 5 days where we were totally sans tea in this house and every single day Kamel heard me whine, “But… I have no tea.” I am anti the caffeine tea. I do enjoy a good earl grey or british...


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