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January Date Night

Kamel and I are having a year of dates. One of his new year goals was to go on a date every month. I love this idea because I honestly don’t remember the last time Kamel legit planned a date for the two of us from start to finish all on his own. I mean, to be fair, I am excitable and have a tendency to take over on things I find fun…. but also Kamel like… seriously, to a fault, never plans dates. Not even this first one – which was my fault.

But is there ever really “fault” when one is actively doing something awesome for the relationship? No, I think not.


For this first date we went classic: dinner out to somewhere we could never ever take the kids, to eat food that is 100% grownup, and to have the ability to sit quietly and enjoy a glass of wine without keeping the baby from stabbing herself with a fork and not having to ask for the check when we ordered just in case meltdowns occurred. MY GOD THE FREEDOM.


I’ll have the cheese with a side of zoolander. Sorry, Kamel, I know I promised I wouldn’t post this anywhere.

We snagged a Lyft at 5:15 (Because we wanted to be home for bed time. I mean, we are lame parents after all. Let’s not get it twisted.) on a Sunday and headed to Re:Public. I know the manager and follow her on instagram and have been dying to scope out this adorable restaurant/bar. And by adorable I mean chic and adult and hip and somewhere that opens up it’s garage door front when it’s warm and you sit half in/half outside and you just NEVER want to leave on those amazing Seattle summer evenings that last for eternity.

The food was amazing. We had a cheese plate, because hello, and charcuterie. My friend hooked us up with champagne (as we are but sad, broken people who barely ever leave the house with real pants on), and we ordered a glass of wine. The entres were really excellent and the dessert was a tropical, coconut-y bread pudding that I wanted to swim in. I actually got to TALK to Kamel without being interrupted 5,000 times in the span of 1 full sentence, and it was fucking bliss.

A year of dates here we come! January handled.


Diversity in Children’s Books

A few weeks ago I was guest appearing on Otterly Rad, a parenting podcast. The topic was about diversity in children’s books. What do our children’s book libraries look like? What has our experience been trying to create diversity for our kids? And then, how do we create more diversity in kid lit in our communities? DID YOU KNOW that you can just…. make suggestions to libraries? And they will probably, most likely, actually hear you and follow through? MIND BLOWN. I was also really inspired by Hayley’s book break down. Taking a look at the media we are consuming and “feeding” to our kids is always a good...


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Episode 6: Parenting – Surprise!

In this episode of the podcast I break down my top parenting shockers. This is a series that will pop up occasionally. Just some parenting chitter chatter from time to time. If you have kids, feel free to share the things that surprised you the most. If you don’t have kids and want kids, what kinds of things are you expecting? Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS


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The Air In Here

I had big plans today to write about multi-cultural books and our favorite bilingual books and link to a podcast that I guested on that went live last week! LAST WEEK! But…. I don’t have my shit together and I am still reeling from last week’s sickness and this week’s absolutely mind fuck of a work week where I am very literally exhausted by 1pm and I’m writing this on what is only Wednesday. What is a girl to do. So today I’m writing about a small health obsession I have which I don’t feel like many people think about. I’m going to talk about it like none of you know what I’m talking...


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Episode 5: Shacking Up

Episode 5 is about the difference between living together and being married. We also have our first guest! Margaret! Who has been living with her boyfriend turned manfriend for a long time now. Questions for the audience: Do you also feel like there is some kind of age threshold for when it’s way less financially/emotionally risky to move in with someone? Have you ever lived with someone and then had it not work out? Who moved? What was that like? For those who are married – what’s different about married life vs living together life? Is there a difference for...


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Things, January

I had big plans for last week and this weekend. Plans that included new photos and new stories and new adventures. But then we were hit with the yucks and the sicks. I sat by the toilet all day Wednesday in a bathrobe (after recording this week’s podcast of course) and suffered all night long, then was sick all Thursday. It was Kamel’s turn Friday night and then all day Saturday. On Sunday I completely lost my voice, but at least everyone in the house was able-bodied. And so far (please God, knock on ALL THE WOOD), the children haven’t started throwing up. The kids just have there never ending colds, the snot runneth over,...


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Episode 4: Adulting

On a recent trip to Chicago I realized that I need my family more at this point in my life than I need my independence. Is this what it feels like to be a grownup? Is this where the shift lies? Mild codependency? Today on the podcast I explore (with the help of many readers who responded to my questions on facebook) what it means to be an adult, when being a grownup actually it happens, and which moments pop out to me and others as successful adulting. When does being a grown up happen for you? Is it only during the hard parts? The successful life parts? Or when you can feel the acute sensation of the crushing responsibility of our...


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Who the hell is she?


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